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Warsaw Sights

This page will introduce you to the main tourist sites of Warsaw, learn what you should see when visiting the city!


The Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of culture and science in Warsaw is part of it's Soviet legacy, one with a mix of pride, anger and shame. The Palace dominates Warsaw's skyline and is it's most visited tourist attraction!


The Royal castle

Rebuilt after the war, here you will find wonderfully reconstructed rooms, beautiful paintings and some artefacts of history all on castle square in Old Town


Łazienki Park

I showcase the magnificent Łazienki Park, a large and luxurious place to relax, soak up culture and embrace nature in Warsaw, with a fascinating history it is a must see for any traveler to this fair city!


Wilanów Palace

Wilanów Palace is a true wonder of Warsaw, built by Jan Sobieski King of Poland in the 17th Century, it has survived over the centuries and stands as a true monument to Polish history, a place worth exploring in both Summer and Winter with beautiful gardens and magical light shows!


Winter Illuminations

Every winter from October to February you have the chance to catch the special illumination events in Warsaw, taking place in The Botanical gardens in Łazienki Park and Powsin, as well as the Palace in Wilanow...something to make the cold sparkle!


Warsaw Zoo

This wonderful zoo is one with a troubled history, located in the Praga district of  Warsaw you will find stories of men fighting bears, fires and the hiding of Jews during the war!


Botanical Garden

A place to enjoy from Spring to Autumn, lose yourself in the trees and flowers, all with a royal heritage! This focuses on the University Gardens in Łazienki Park

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