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Updated: May 17

I thought it may be helpful to have an update page, so occasional visitors to this site can keep track of recently added videos, Blogs or sections...essential any changes of note I make to this place :)

27/7/22 - New video: Podlaskie: Ciechanowiec

30/7/22 - Birthday Blog update, My Polish story Blog created - to be a work in progress

31/7/22 - New Video: Podlaskie: Drohiczyn, Gabarka, Koryciny and the Bug River

9/8/22 - Additions to My Polish Story Blog

15/8/22 - New Video: Kołobrzeg, additions to My Polish Story Blog

18/8/22 - New Blog: Why I live in Poland

23/8/22 - Additions to My Polish Story Blog

24/8/22 - New Blog: Living in Poland starter kit

30/8/22 - New Blog: My weekend in Katowice and Gliwice

1/9/22 - New Video: Silesia: Gliwice

7/9/22 - New Video: Western Pomerania: Stargard

8/9/22 - New Blog: The evolution of Brit in Poland

16/9/22 - New Video: Western Pomerania: Wolin

21/9/22 - Additions to My Polish Story Blog

3/10/22 - New Video: Silesia: Tychy

17/10/22 - New Video added to Warsaw Events: Freedom walk, New Blog added: Opole, update to My Polish Story Blog

26/10/22 - New Video: Opole: Opole

2/11/22 - Additions to My Polish Story Blog

11/11/22 - New Video: Lubelskie: Majdanek, additions to My Polish story Blog

17/5/23 - After a bit of an absence I have updated My Polish Story Blog once more

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