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My aims for this website and my videos

You may be wondering what I hope to achieve in all of my efforts here, or perhaps where I want this site to go as it evolves...let me first give you a little background...

When I was living in the UK I think it is fair to say I was a little lost in life, I didn't have the greatest career and I had to move home to find financial stability, my life seemed to lack purpose and direction and in truth it was something that was a source of depression and slight despair...coming to Poland helped to change things, I will talk about those changes in another blog...

But essentially I felt like life was finally heading in the right direction, I was making good friends, felt like my career was beginning to progress and now I had better health and more energy...more focus, I was finding happiness within myself finally and life was taking the steps needed and so I was growing as a person.

How the project started:

Have you ever gone through something in your life that forced you to grow and change at a rapid pace? That made you change the person you were out of necessity?

This is what I went through, after having some real problems after a bad breakup I was forced to do some soul searching, to go through some therapy and to learn about myself at a deeper level. One tool that really helped me in this was Youtube, the videos there about growth, self motivation and psychology really made a lot of difference.

One video I remember, said to do something you are the best at, this led me to think hard about what was unique about me and my life...I decided that living in Poland as a Brit was a pretty rare situation, so I started by telling my story, how I got to Poland and my first impressions of the country.

I received much support from my colleagues and I decided to continue.

I began to document the things around me, to show Poland from my perspective...though being honest I was a novice, armed only with an iPhone and a Laptop I created simple videos, over time I got new tools, new equipment and started to learn more about making videos, gathering feedback from friends and colleagues and one key relationship.

So essentially my first aim was to blog...or vlog if you will, this proved good self therapy, especially during the time of Covid Lockdowns, the channel become a lifeline in isolation, I felt I could tell some interesting stories about what it was like to live in Poland, the challenges I faced and the experiences I had had.

My second aim evolved from a relationship I was in with a girl who loved to travel, she encouraged me to start making videos about Poland like travel guides, as there aren't so many of these in English, allowing me to tell the world about Poland. This has the added benefit of giving me purpose in exploring this country and making me grow as I do.

I find the places to see based on recommendations, looking online...or now, with a leaving present from my last team...I have a list of places to see (image below), so over time I want to see as much of Poland as possible, already I have been to more cities than just about everyone I have met here haha!

My third aim is to try and educate the world about Polish people, their history and traditions, this is a very interesting subject and learning about this for myself is important also, I also consider it a respectful thing to do when living try and understand a nation properly and be part of that

My fourth and final to help others who are in the same boat as me, by thinking of the things I struggled with I thought to myself that as I went through them I can show people how to do these things, the number of foreigners coming to Poland is growing and where I can I wanted to save them some of the trouble I went through, or simply to help them fit in and find the things they are looking for.

So these are the four aims I have for a Brit in Poland and the kind of content I want to produce and build up over time. Quite possibly I will find other ideas over time, though I think for now this is enough to keep me busy for a long while and gives me a lot of scope and a lot of motivation!

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