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Polish History and Traditions

This page is dedicated to learning even deeper about the country of Poland, by knowing it's history and understanding the many traditions you gain important insight into the Polish people!


The Warsaw Uprising

The story of the time Warsaw stood up to it's Nazi occupiers and the horrors that followed.

Learn why the city was almost bombed to the ground!


Polish Easter

Poland is a country with rich tradition and one of the best examples is Easter! Though maybe you will think of the church for this time of year, actually Poland carries some pagan traditions through to the modern day including the painting/decorating of eggs, chocolate bunny/egg hunts and the notorious Wet Monday!


Palm Sunday

Get an insight into Polish Easter by learning about Palm Sunday in Poland


All Saints and All Souls Day

Do you know what Poles do around the end of October...when the rest of the world focuses on Halloween, Poles have their own tradition to follow...


Fat Thursday

Homer Simpsons dream day...Donut day, follow along with this Polish tradition for Lent!

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