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The true heart of Poland, home to Warsaw! Poland's illustrious capital city, a region with deep history and one of the most prosperous in Poland!



Poland's modern capital, almost completely destroyed during World War II, it has been rebuilt and bounced back to incredible glory!

Certainly the most modern city in Poland and one I now call home, containing a wide variety of museums, culture and plenty of fine restaurants and bars!



This city just west of Warsaw has the ruins of a castle, one of the most magical church gardens and I also take a trip to the birthplace of Chopin Żelazowa Wola!



I show you the city of Ciechanów which is 100km north of Warsaw and makes a perfect day trip from the city, with a medieval castle, a nice city centre, A labyrinth and the prettiest water tower in Europe, as well as a substantial quantity of history


Modlin Fortress

I showcase Modlin Fortress, a fortification just north of Warsaw and actually the longest building in Europe! This site has a dramatic history with Swede's, The French, Russians, Polish and German occupants. A historical lead to a fortification line and well worth the visit!



I show you the site of Treblinka, the second deadliest Nazi death camp in Poland behind Auschwitz where some 900,000 Jews were murdered in Gas Chambers and many thousands of Polish lives came to an end in Labour camps, join me for the horrific story of this monstrous place



This day trip from Warsaw took me to Żyrardów, an industrial city and a competitor of Łodz historically, centered around the Linen industry it contains a lot of pre-war 19th century architecture


Urle, Borzimy and Jadów

A small trio of villages located not too far away from Warsaw, a nice country walk with lovely forest areas and river side views

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