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Lesser Poland/małopolskie 

Perhaps the most visited region of Poland, housing the infamous Krakow and Zakopane...two places very popular with international tourists, a number one region to visit on any tourists bucket list of Poland!



Famous mountain town, situated right next to the Tatry mountain range, great place to go hiking and climbing on Poland's highest mountains and most popular ski resorts!


Morskie Oko and Rusinowa Polana

I joined an organised group to go hiking in the Tatry Mountains, with hikes to Morskie Oko and Rusinowa Polana, it was a weekend filled with beautiful scenery, breathtaking mountains...and some very sore legs by the end of it, definitely an essential trip to see a wonder of Poland!



A small town just outside of Krakow, one to lose an afternoon enjoying the sights and taking in a nice walk

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