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How to support a Brit in Poland

Thank you for checking out this page :)

I hope by now you have seen my vision and maybe sampled some of my content, in truth I want to do so much more, to expand the list of places I have visited and documented, to experience more and more of Poland's greatness!

Though as any content creator I am nothing without my viewers and without your help my work is for nothing...

So if you like my vision, value my work and want me to continue doing more and more you can help me in the following ways:

Subscribe to my Youtube channel

Follow me on Instagram

Follow my Facebook Page

Donate to my Patronite account (Poland)

Donate to my Patreon account (World wide)

Share my content with any friends you think would be interested :)

Of course all of the above is 100% optional, but anything people can do will mean a lot!

Thank you and take care...oh and explore Poland!

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