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In a Nutshell

Hello, my name is Richard and I am a Brit in Poland!
Having moved here in 2018 I fell in love with this country and I want this website to show off what I have discovered with the world!

Originally starting off with a Youtube channel, I soon gained a great inspiration to explore to experience and to document this great country.

With this site I want you to share in my experiences, to be encouraged to visit Poland or explore those cities you never thought would be of interest!

Join me in my journey as piece by piece I bring to life every aspect of Poland I can!

You may notice some glaring gaps in my coverage of the country, in truth I have been to more places than I have made videos. Over time I will add more and more content and attempt to give full coverage to this country. is not a cheap pastime, if you want to help me in my quest I welcome you to check out how you can support my vision!


How it all started

This is the first video I made and it tells the story of how I ended up in Poland, gives some initial impressions and sets the stage for my early thoughts before I took on this grand quest to spread the Polish word across the world!

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