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Welcome to the region of Łódż!



A city built on the back of a large manufacturing industry and now capital of the Łódż/ Łódżkie voivodeship.

A true city of culture with old factories, the heart of the Polish film industy and the longest street in Poland. A must visit for any Poland enthusiast!


Tomaszów Mazowiecki 

I take you to an area in the Łodz region, more precisely around the town of Tomaszów Mazowiecki, here we explore a strategic World War 2 bunker complex, a sand mine, some regional history exhibits and the clearest natural spring in Poland


Park Arkadia

Welcome to Park Arkadia, or otherwise known as park romantyczny Arkadia, a product of an 18th Century Duchess Helena Radziwiłłówna, who using architectural styles from classical periods helped to build something amazing, a real hidden gem of Poland!

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